Overdue, but never overdone.

*Insert typical interests, corny introduction, and  boring novel about what I’m accomplishing currently in life* Ahaha, just kidding.

Of course I will share these things with you, in fact I feel like my personal brand has been something along the lines of what you might consider “over sharing.” For me, I see it as a bold statement of living completely unapologetic for things I was taught to apologize for.

This means, I’m unlearning  harmful behaviors that say as a woman I need to be bright-eyed, bushy-tailed with a smile on my face consistently. I have a fierce case of resting b*tch face. This is something I will say I am sorry for, I do apologize in advance if you’ve been a victim to my irritated face. Unfortunately I was born to look like an angry woman. Maybe that is because I am angry, I’m angry that our society has taught our daughters and sons they’re obligated to behave a certain way society sees fit to gender roles. I’m angry that racism exists, and I’m upset that sexism is an everyday occurrence.

Anyways, I was also born with bad skin. *Glares at those who were gifted with perfect skin that is completely unfazed by massive amounts of dairy, dirt, sweat, and a terrible diet*

I’m one of the unlucky ones who will get a pimple if I even look at pizza. I still eat it, but I’m significantly more cautious than I ever was before, in ways I didn’t have knowledge on up until just this last year.

On another note, I’m a Brand New and Modest Mouse enthusiast. I love and grow succulents, I’m very obsessed with home decor, coffee, poetry, skin care, and intersectional feminism. I’m a mental health activist as well. These are all things I will mention in further posts. I’m currently using Curology, and having great success so keep an eye out for my journey. I love DIY face masks, and natural skin remedies.

I hope I can reach out, and help some of you along with your own personal journey.



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