PIE, on my face.

This isn’t the pie you’re thinking of. I wish it were a sweet blueberry pie, maybe even pomegranate. With a heavy heart, my dermatologist informed me that PIH and PIE are different. This is a new term used to describe a skin issue that cannot be resolved the way PIH can. It’s gaining traction, so I might as well jump in on it. We are talking post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and post   inflammatory erythema. I have very few atrophic scars, but they’re slowly diminishing.

Now, let me tell you the difference between PIH, and PIE. PIH are brown or black spots created by melanin. PIE is caused by dilated blood vessels. All along I’ve found myself so frustrated that even after my skin was clear, I would still be punished with ugly red marks on my face. No, I did not pop my pimples. I learned that a very long time ago. So I could absolutely not figure out why in the hell my skin looked like it did. Most people would say you should treat PIE with a fork, and your mouth. For the treatment, you have to learn patience. I have absolutely none of that, so I’ve resorted to skin lighteners. Those did not help. They only burned. After ordering different assortments of kojic acid, hydroquinone, and any other form of burning stinging acid I could get my hands on… I realized my skin was lightening, but not my spots. Perhaps I was using the products wrong, but I try my very best to at least read instructions for skincare. What am finding is that silicone masks could potentially help. As frustrating as that is, PIE is not permanent damage. It will resolve on it’s own. They have found that niacinamide helps, but I’ve found that I am incredibly allergic to that. Of course, if you have hundreds to thousands of dollars at your disposal you can visit a dermatologist to laser your skin off for you.

As most of us skin junkies can agree on facial scrubs helping the rejuvenation of our skin, I cannot tell you how tired I am of trying to find one that works for my skin type. PIE is more than likely worsened when you’ve damaged your acid mantle, and yes, I am guilty of doing so. When you’re a teenager desperate to have magazine clear skin, you will do anything. Moisturizing is always key, and will always be key. I strayed away from doing so for so long because my oil secretion was awful. I’ve found that moisturizing has reduced oil production, and has really improved the overall texture of my skin.

Never let your skin get you down. I know it’s harder said than done, but you absolutely have to change your attitude on your skin. It wont get better if you don’t. Drink your water, moisturize your face, take your vitamins, and relax. Give your skin time, and healing. Positive reinforcement will always help, regardless of how strange that  idea is to you. Skin heals, it will restore itself. You have options, and you will always have honest reviews from me.


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