Talking Out Loud With a Keyboard.

I’ve been lacking on my caffeine consumption so pumping “novels” out has proved to be a bit difficult. Anyways, hi! I have mixed feelings on writing introductions like this because quite frankly most of the ones I read from strangers bore me to death.

I debated on writing on skin, or women. Both are important, but of course women hold more of a priority, and I want to touch on other minorities, and whatever I deem relevant enough to type about today. Especially consider that yesterday was International Women’s Day, I think it’s important for me to use my voice somehow.

I must admit, I draw a lot of my feminist inspiration from quotes, and personal stories shared by strangers all around my social media accounts. I’m also fueled by anti-feminists, as I’ve almost always found drive within situations someone cannot understand/refuses to understand.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of internalized misogyny, hateful, demeaning, painfully ignorant behaviors. When I became aware of the actual motives of feminism, I perceived my  faulty actions and I tried to unlearn them as quickly as possible.

I guess I’ve just had an interesting realization that people don’t like when you’re trying to be a good person, or trying to better yourself. Now, bare with me. I promise I will elaborate. What I’m trying to convey is that in my whole 20 years of life, eating meat was not something I was criticized within my own family and friends over. However, drinking redbull was. I understand that redbull is bad for you, but did you know animal products are the leading cause of heart disease. Heart disease in the number one killer in America. There are other relevant reasons to change your diet, but that is something most people can understand. They can understand the selish end of “I don’t want to get sick, and probably die.” They don’t seem to grasp, “oh you quit eating flesh of innocent animals because they are tortured to death?” Instead it is mocked.

Being a sexist piece of trash was also something I wasn’t really put down for either. Of course there were people who found it distasteful, and were hurt when I was directing it at them. However, now I’ve noticed that throughout friends and family they are less interested in what I have to say because it doesn’t match up to what most of them believe. Essentially, my goal is letting people, just BE, without being criticized. This thought comes with terms and conditions. One being, not  being racist/supporting racism and calling it an “opinion.” What I mean by this is I’m really tired of the notion that the transgender community aren’t people with emotions, who deserve respect like everyone else. Whether you understand it or not, it’s not really your place to violently attack them, because you feel “threatened.” I’ve seen more violence from those who are transphobic than I have from the whole transgender community as a whole. They’re being murdered at alarming rates. And before you even think about it, no, just because Caitlyn Jenner voted for Tr*mp doesn’t excuse the laws being made against the community. She’s not even a good advocate for the transgender community.

Yes, it is your choice to promote sexual assault, but it doesn’t make it right. Because you want to invalidate victims who have been harmed because it’s your only outlet to justify the current Presidents fowl claims. Wearing “grab me by the p*ssy,” doesn’t make you liberated, it’s degrading to people like me and millions of others who have actually been assaulted. Because excusing those behaviors from someone contributes to rape culture, and for most men and women it is the face of our very own abusers who got away with it because someone thought it wasn’t a big deal. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with that trauma every single day of your life.

I have absolutely not one single problem with republican politics, until it comes with someone who is sexist,  and racist. Some of you are probably reaching for your exit buttons on my blog, to then tap your other social media account to call liberals cry babies. The truth is that these things have always been offensive, it’s just that people are finally putting their foot down and calling it like it is. Because “it was never about the bathrooms, just like it wasn’t about the drinking fountains.” If you don’t understand my reference, most white people only a handful of years ago would’ve had a fit if a person of color drank from the same fountain as them. As a lot of people lose it when a transgender woman goes into the woman’s bathroom. You know… the bathroom of her gender. As the transgender community has always been doing. Where do you think they’ve been going? They’ve been here the whole f*cking time.

Do people abuse misuse activism? Absolutely. Do “women” have a semblance of feminism, when they’re just men haters? You got it.  Is generalizing people with pure intentions cool? No. But that must be absolutely apparent. If someone is being homophobic, and you’re on the sidelines laughing does that make you guilty? Yes.

Activism is meant to be all inclusive. If I fight feminism with a deep hatred for men, demonizing them all, it’s not feminism. It’s misandry. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck…… it’s probably a duck. This applies to all organizations, groups, events, and so on. If you are supporting, or standing behind evil, it will be seen as evil. I hate to be so redundant, but with so many encounters with people looking into every nook and cranny for excuses to their shitty behaviors I feel like I have to go through world history books, and explain what exactly it meant with absolutely no loopholes.

So no, reverse racism does not exist. Racial prejudice DOES. Racism is defined by power, and privilege. Being an activist, ally for black lives matter is seen as rebellion, when ultimately it is trying to bring light to the fact people of color are criminalized, killed, and mistreated in society significantly more than white people. Women of color are likely to be denied jobs because of their natural hair, when Gigi Hadid is praised for wearing a fake fro. People of color were judged harshly for dreads, but when a white person does it, it’s trendy? So discriminating against a culture, just to steal it just doesn’t make sense. With that being said, I think it shows where privilege is on it’s own.   Racism requires power, and privilege which is held by white people.

It’s inessential to explain why you don’t feel like you are racist, and completely necessary to work on behaviors so you don’t practice behaviors. Internalized racism is a global issue,  and at it’s  core we learn it from the people who raise/teach us. Children are blissfully unaware of why you think Latino people are criminals, and they’re not sure why you cringe when you see a man of color. The same is with sexism, we, as women are taught to romanticize being hit, kicked, and spit on because it must mean they like us. Truthfully, maybe we don’t even want a man to like us. Because according to society a woman who is intelligent enough to get all A’s in school isn’t able to recognize her sexuality, but a 5 year old boy who gets bashful around a woman is a “lady killer.” By that logic, well, actually, there is not logic. It’s that society teaches us heterosexual relationships are human nature, but because when a man sleeps with another man and because they cannot reproduce it must be “morally” wrong.

Yet, I’ve probably lost a handful of you reading this because me talking about this isn’t seen as important. It’s seen as threatening to your way of thinking, and you don’t like that. More than half of you have probably exited, and have no idea what I’m saying. Because what I am saying is acknowledging rights for people other than you for once. Because if you’re not benefiting from it, and you’re not receiving instant gratification you’re annoyed. You shut down.

Thinking this way, or even trying to hold conversations like this with most of the people in my town is simply comparable to pulling teeth. Telling relatives I liked that Obama expanded on peoples rights made me a dirty hippie. Keeping an open, and accepting heart, defending those who are characterized as unearthly makes me weak? Why is that every single time I attempt to check my email, yahoo comments are flooded with people calling activists pathetic? Because fighting for someone to be made to feel comfortable, and wanting them to not be killed is annoying? Why was it that growing up in high school I was surrounded by friends who praised me for calling women who were liberated “sluts,” and now that I’ve totally reversed that way of thinking and behaviors none of those friends want to talk with me? I can understand they’re clearly not worth my time, but my biggest concern is why is it wrong to be accepting and conscious?

If anyone even spent even half of the time even speaking, researching, or just trying to understand the LGBTQIA+ community, or even why we don’t agree with degrading women for using their bodies the same exact way men do, it would be so easy to understand that this is not being sensitive. It’s called being compassionate.

My biggest regrets are as follows, actually harming people because of their choices to use their bodies in a way I didn’t feel was appropriate. Yelling at others for being comfortable enough in their bodies to post pictures. Sympathizing with destructive men, and women because it’s easier to swallow someone assaulting someone as an emotional issue instead of them just being shitty?  While some of you might find this debatable, I don’t think it’s really anyone’s place to tell a fellow human they’re abnormal. Contrary to popular belief, someones innocent existence doesn’t hurt you. Unless they are directly harassing you, which is most cases they probably aren’t. You’ve just been taught to be fearful of what’s not “socially acceptable,” or someone with a different religion or skin tone.

Because open mindedness is a crime for some of you, but being ignorant to social issues and insisting on using the “n” word is more of a priority. Because you can blow it off as a joke, even though their are people literally being murdered because of their skin color. Because your rape jokes aren’t funny, but when I tell you that you’ll call me dramatic. Because when I say we should make a conscious effort to respect women, you think I’m trying to build a superior group to go above men. Because being a good person is so fucking hard for people.



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