Dermarolling, Beards, and Collagen.

Men, don’t stray away from this. First, skincare is not only designated for females, there is nothing girly about taking care of yourself. If you want a fuller beard, you also need to stay tuned.

I wanted to wait on making any recommendation on this, especially because the dermaroller (also known as micro needling) has raised a lot of controversy throughout the skin fanatic community. It’s true that the smaller needles are recommended for home use, and the larger are to be used by professionals only. I am an average joe, while I do try and do as much research on skin treatments, I am by no means a professional so I am not an expert.

A lot of men and women bypass that idea with a lot of skincare tools, and products so I don’t feel bad talking about this.

There are very important things you need to consider, and rules you need to abide by to see results, and stay away from skin infections. Your needle length, thickness, and quality are very important factors.
So, you’re probably thinking rolling needles on your face would hurt, and only create more damage.

However, because it creates micro holes in your face, it sends a signal to the deeper layers of your skin to rush to the area and heal it. This means more collagen, elasticity, less scars, and wrinkles. So not only will you be healing current issues, this will also work as a preventative measure.

After you roll, you should always use this in conjunction with a serum that has vitamin e and hyaluronic acid! Because of the micro holes, you will be getting the maximum absorption.
Before you run to purchase one, please make sure to do your research, or read through this completely so you do not hurt your skin. It is recommended needle size 0.5 or smaller, and it needs to be a high quality needle. Do not get on eBay and order the cheapest one you can find. You will not be doing your skin any favors. If you go above 0.5 you need to realize you are running a higher risk at damaging the skin. I would recommend seeing a professional at that point.

You NEED to keep your roller clean. I would recommend using a 70% isopropyl alcohol before you use your roller, and after. You do not want a bacteria breeding ground on your needles, and you certainly don’t want to puncture your skin with said bacteria. You will also want to replace your roller semi frequently.

While this is a inexpensive treatment you can do in the comfort of your own home, you will need to prioritize the sanitation of this treatment, and your skin.

For those of you with more sensitive skin, it will be a little irritating. I personally find it to be a little more painful on my forehead, but that’s because the skin is very thin.

You will want to go over your skin in every direction, while applying a little bit of pressure. I would not recommend using this on your eyelids, as they are far too delicate for needles in general. Depending on the size, you can repeat up to a maximum of a few times a week.

Remember you should let your skin heal before approaching it again. If you are interested, but weary I suggest watching YouTube videos on it. Dermarolling is effective, but it needs to be done right.
Now, with research that I have done, and reviews I have read… using a the roller with castor oil is supposed to enhance your beard. While I am not a boy, I cannot say whether that is true or not. I have watched a handful of men on YouTube find incredible results. With the beard craze we’ve been seeing, it’s worth a shot. Even if it doesn’t give you the lumberjack beard you desire, you will still be treating your skin to luxury. As the circulation improve, collagen and keratin are encouraged.

So, with my personal experience, I’ve had better results with this than my PMD. I rate rolling as a 8/10, and I hope you guys take the plunge and treat your skin the way it deserves!


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