First Impressions: Edition One

After making way into the city for the first time in months, I figured I would grab a few products that I was both familiar with, and curious about.

My first conclusion was that I wasted $40.00 on a foundation, and invested into the wrong skin mask. After all of the hype over the Tarte Amazonian Cay, and testing the coverage in Sephora I was certain it would be a great match. I was disappointed. It didn’t cover my acne scars as much as I’d like, and I felt it was a very strange consistency on my face. I’m usually pretty oily, and it didn’t sit right on my face.

My next product was Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra Clarifying Face Oil, and man I was not disappointed. Is there a product by her that isn’t ready to defeat any, and all of your skin problems? I have a few spots around my chin, and they had vanished by morning. I didn’t feel like the oil soaked up immediately into my skin, but once it had my skin was soft. Another notable observation I made was it had a smell I wasn’t expecting. It wasn’t bad, but I know there are a lot of you who do not enjoy any kind of fragrance on your face, or you are sensitive. Overall, I would absolutely recommend this product to any of you who are having a hard time with pesky bumps, and blackheads.

Of course, I couldn’t resist getting my hands on the Martian Melting toner by Sunday Riley as well. It’s a great treatment for oily, acne prone skin. It is also said to help with your pore size. I have pores the size of the moon, so I didn’t notice any difference.

I was disappointed that the Urban Decay new setting sprays, and primers were completely wiped out. I wasn’t short of surprise, seeing as most of my favorite beauty bloggers haven’t stopped raving about them from the moment of their release. So I had to resort to picking up a sample bottle, and ordering one online later on. This keeps my makeup on, and while a dewy skin finish is the upcoming trend, it’s hard when your oily skin already gives you that finish with most matte finish products. If you haven’t tried the  setting spray, get your hands on a sample size and give it a whirl.

Now, I know I haven’t gone without talking about Kat Von D and the Lock It foundation, but it’s my number one foundation. I was curious to try the Make Up Forever HD foundation, but even while sampling it in the store, it just didn’t give me the coverage I’m looking for. Seeing as the Lock It foundation doesn’t even require a concealer, I’ve found the only downfall is the necessity of a setting powder. I love setting powders, and the smoothing effect it has on my skin, but sometimes I wan’t a foundation that dries down.

The closest foundation I’ve tried that gives me a full coverage, and perfect dry down is the Double Wear by Estee Lauder. When paired with a setting powder, you will find a very beautiful finish. My issue was that I used a bottle in less than half of the time I go through my Lock It foundation. That was my only complaint.

Will anything give Kat a run for her money for us with acne battle scars looking for the best coverage? I’m still waiting.

My next endeavor was soap brows. Completely envious  of those with natural bushy brows complimenting the faces of men and women, I have been desperately looking for something to give me the inner stick-straight-up brow effect. Because my eyebrows are thin, grow in a weird shape, and demand to be filled in without looking like Voldemort, I found somewhat of an answer. Taking a damp brow brush, and a bar of soap I achieved the closest thing to it. I also noticed when applying my ABH dipbrow, it stuck best to my actual brow hair individually so it gave it more of a natural brow look as well. It’s a cheap fix, and makes my morning routine a lot less difficult.

In conjunction, or as a replacement I’ve been using a clear mascara/brow gel from ELF that retails for $3. I’ve been using it to give my brows a little more volume. I prefer to use soap, but the clear gel doesn’t leave a white film on my brows, so that’s a bonus for those of you who would want to wear it alone.

Sticking to the current obsessions of most beauty bloggers, I bought a some-what large container of the Mask of Magnaminty by Lush over sampling the Ocean Salt. Realizing later that I had made a mistake, I will not completely discredit the mask. It is gentle, and it helps. I enjoyed the Ocean Salt more because it was more of an exfoliating mask. I also like the way my skin feels after Ocean Salt because while the mask dries up, and has a tingle when you first apply it, you assume your skin will be in dire need for a moisture bomb. Wrong! It contains avocado butter which will actually soften the skin, while the lime, vodka, and sea salt will help exfoliate.

The last product I’ve put up to the test to help reduce the appearance of my scars, and PIE (Post Inflammatory Erythma) is the ScarAway Scar Treatment. This is a silicone sheet that is a washable adhesive. They are best worn for long periods of time, as the sheet is supposed to mimic, and provide a healthy skin protection allowing your skin to repair itself. I was applying these at night, after dermarolling or simply after washing my face. My very only complaint was there are very few bandages for $20. While I’m a firm believer in investing into your skin, I didn’t feel like I was getting my money back in product. I am also terrified of bacterial growth, so I did not wash and reapply these. Because that just seemed like a bacteria breeding ground. I’ve noticed my skin slowly, but surely recovering from the battlefield of cystic acne, which makes me feel happier. I will probably buy these again seeing as my only other treatment option is a laser treatment that I am not ready for. Simply because I don’t have a lot of downtime in my town to be able to stay out of work for a week or so.

I’m still using my Curology, and everything is going so great. I’m on my 3rd month, and my skin looks better every day.

In conclusion, it was fun to try out new products and come to the realization that not every product that my favorite beauty bloggers promote will always work for me. 😉

Thank you for stopping by, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me!






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