So, I felt a little hesitant to post anything on Doxycycline for a number of reasons. One, because if you are struggling with acne that’s a little less severe as mine, I think Curology would be the only thing you need. If you suffer from acne, we all know it’s easy to take it overboard. Antibiotics are hard on your body, and it’s hard to tell how you will react. I plan to follow these up after my *two* month round with pro-biotics. Because I want to replenish the good bacteria that is essential.

As usual, my blogs are generally long-winded, with me talking in a circle in the most informative way as I can accomplish. I’m like this in real life, and go off on tangents. Sorry 😉

First thing is first, my Curology was and still is going great! (A quick recap if you’re new, or haven’t kept up with my other blogs: I suffer from cystic acne, post inflammatory erythma aka *pie*. Along with texture issues due to scarring) My script was: clindamycin, niacinamide, and zinc. I was wildly allergic to the niacinamide, which is awful because it’s one of the few ingredients on the market to target PIE. Now my script is: clindamycin, azelaic acid, and zinc.

I barely have any breakouts, and if anything comes up it’s usually because I fell asleep with my makeup on (IT DOESN’T HAPPEN VERY OFTEN, I AM A FREAK ABOUT MY SKIN. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR MAKEUP ON AT NIGHT) or my period. Because there’s been a current chain of chaotic, and stressful events in my life, and coffee issue, my acne has tried to peak through. If you have suffered, or currently suffer with acne, you know how terrifying it is to finally have something working on your skin, just for your stubborn few bumps, or something come. When you look into the mirror, it’s all you can see. It really sucks.

I try and remind myself it’s been worse, and could be worse, but my mentality on the whole thing overall is that I will not let it get worse. So why not take an extra step to try and combat the bacteria in my system, so it doesn’t even try and come out in my skin. Overall there are pretty good reviews, but I’ve noted that the medication binds with calcium making it less effective so I cannot have any dairy whatsoever in a time slot around when I take it.

I’ve been on Curology for 3 months. My skin is the best that it’s ever been. I really want you guys to understand that the reason why I don’t want to talk about doxycycline is because I feel like it would diminish your faith in Curology. My set round of Doxy is more of a safety net, and a preventative measure. Because for so long I have spent scorching hot summers with foundation melting on my face, and felt so incredibly insecure about all if it, I would like to really get to a point that I can take it off. Curology is, and still will be helping me to do that.

Ultimately, my dermatologist suggested I take the course. So here I am. I walked my happy self to the overcrowded store yesterday, completely full of tired and dirty jeepers and hikers, and grabbed my script. I had a few questions for the Pharmacist without even realizing that Doxy treats chlamydia, eye infections, and gonorrhea. So  there I was happily talking about. So I hope a few of the people standing around think I was in happy celebration to get my treatment for STDs.

Anyways, Acne is a medical condition and while you can treat it with natural home remedies, sometimes it is beyond just that. Doxycycline is said to make your skin worse within the second/third week of treatment so I am gearing up for war with my skin. After that, it’s supposed to clear up completely. When my derm first made the prescription, I didn’t pick it up for a few weeks. Because 1) my skin is already pretty damn clear. 2) I don’t want it to get worse?????? 3) Antibiotics are hard to take.

So, I will be giving you guys updates. I’m planning on getting a chemical peel sometime within the future as well after I buy a new car, because I would like to speed up the death of PIE on my face. I am getting so close to feeling comfortable with sharing my B&A photos with you (still working on the self confidence thing). However, I’ve been sharing them with my derm and the difference is absolutely incredible.

If any of you struggle with acne, and it’s really taking a toll on your self esteem, I am 100% with you. I’ve been there, and it’s just finally getting better. Curology is worth your time, and money. Having a dermatologist at your fingertips who is loaded with information regarding your skin, along with having a powerful prescription grade medication for your face is amazing.

I will be updating within the next few days / week because I would like to tell you guys about how the medication reacts with my body because I know that’s an important factor to consider for any of you interested in taking it. Hopefully the purge isn’t terrible, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can find me on instagram/twitter: @degvusser 

I love talking about skin, so don’t be shy!!!!



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