Skincare Routine + My acne is GONE?

So, I’ve been communicating with a dermatologist, along with doing extensive research into skin, and how to treat it effectively. My acne is gone, and my scars are all vanishing rather quickly. It’s time to share my products, my routine, and advice. Remember, what works for one person, might not work for the rest. Also, it takes TIME for your skin to repair, so don’t expect perfect results in 24 hours. You can get most of this from the drug store, and it’s almost all very affordable. Ready, set, go!

For starters, I carry around a massive water bottle to encourage as much water consumption as possible. Water is an absolute necessity for healthy skin.

My favorite cleansers consist of: I primarily use the Cerave Foaming cleanser, sometimes I alternate between Cetaphil, and a African Black Soap. I also use the Pixi Glow Mud.


My toner: witch hazel. Sometimes I mix it with a diluted apple cider vinegar.

witch hazel

Tools: I use a “precision pore cleansing” which is a small flexible silicone pad that gently massages the face and helps deliver deeply clean, radiant results. You can get it on sephora for $6


For acne scars I use a 0.5 dermaroller. I use it twice weekly. After the treatment, I use a vitamin C serum with a moisturizer. Currently I am using the Alba aloe + green tea moisturizer.


Moisturizer (mentioned above)


Treatment: Curology!


In the morning I will almost always tone with witch hazel, and put a moisturizer + sunscreen by Cerave. It’s very simple, but I try to refrain from washing in the morning (suggested by dermatologist)



At night: I remove all of my makeup with Cerave, I will use coconut oil or virgin olive oil to remove eye makeup. Next I tone my face to make sure I really get all of the dirt, and makeup off of my face. Then I use my Curology (I am no longer using it every single day). Depending on my skin needs, I will leave a soaked cotton pad with witch hazel to help with redness for around 10 minutes. If I get a pimple, I will ice it and treat it with Curology. Next I will moisturize, and we’re done.

It’s pretty simple. I like to use facemasks pretty frequently. I almost always use a raw honey + nutmeg or I will use the Mask of Magnaminty (not a huge fan, but I still use it, hahaha) I’ve also been using



In addition, I like to apply castor oil to my eyelashes and eyebrows for hair growth!






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